What is Robux and how to get them?

Roblox is one of the most interesting online multiplayer games which is played on the social platform and is used by 62 million gamers. One of the most interesting features which differ the game from the other ordinary games is that you can easily create as well as design your own game and the players can play your game and you can also play their game. So it gives you the opportunity of playing a unique game with the excellent user experience.

You can easily alter the environment of the game by using lightweight, Lua and multiparadigm type of programming languages. The mechanism of group creation is followed by the Roblox in order to promote the coordination between the players. There is a different kind of groups in this game starting from building groups, forum groups, fan clubs, City groups and you have to spend near about 100 robux for creating the group. Robux is the currency of this game which is used for different kind of actions in this Roblox platform.

What is the Robux?

Robux is determined to be the currency which is used in the platform Roblox Hack. So in order to get the maximum from this platform, you will have to use the Robux.

For purchasing anything starting from ordinary items to building groups you can always use the robux for getting them.

You can easily buy or get this currency in this game for improving the experience of the game.

How to get this Robux?

Apart from buying them from the shop, you can also win them. Buying of this currency from the Roblox is quite a safe and simple process. It can be done from any Roblox website or by using the application. You can only buy this robux in bulk by using the mobile application.

Do not fall into the traps of discounted robux. You can easily get this currency by developing any game. Whenever a gamer will play your game and will buy the passes or gears related to your game then you will get the same amount that the player will spend on buying it. If any groups turn out to be a successful one then you can also distribute the currency into that group.

So try to make the games more interesting so that it can attract the gamers and make them fill your resources. You can also earn them if you do well in playing games made by other players. In case of emergency, you can also spend money on buying this in-game cash.

Samsung Epix (SGH-i907) Smartphone for AT&T; Wireless — a Review

A few weeks ago my beloved AT T; Tilt started to live up to its name, malfunctioning under heavy use. Calls were being dropped, my GPS was going out at the worst times, and I was having trouble getting signals where previously I never had a problem. Thankfully, AT T; was willing to offer me a new phone at a discount, so it was time to research what latest and greatest phone I would get next.
I reviewed the options currently available to me:

iPhone — A gorgeous piece of hardware that is easy to fall in love with. The iPhone’s browsing capabilities are the best in the industry, and Apple has created a beautiful piece of equipment. But I like having a keyboard to type messages, and in the phone and I don’t like the way AT T; keeps you from upgrading your memory or replacing your battery.

Blackberry Bold — Another great phone, with a beautiful display, but it doesn’t seem like that much of an improvement (with the exception of 3G support) over my wife’s Curve. I also find Blackberry’s operating system to be even harder to navigate than the Windows Mobile used on my AT T; Tilt. Plus, at $299 after rebate, it seems overpriced.

AT T; Fuze — The logical choice, since it is the replacement for the Tilt. Unfortunately the upgrades (primarily another row of keys on the slider keyboard, and a smoother touchscreen interface placed on top of Windows Mobile) weren’t enough to warrant its price premium over the Tilt, and several reviews have called the phone sluggish. Additionally, the slider keyboard of my Tilt proved to be something I didn’t like much, as it was hard to type one handed, and the keyboard design made it hard to find the individual keys and hit them with certainty as you typed.

LG Incite — This phone is a bit like a Windows Mobile iPhone, with no keyboard, strictly a touch interface. Again many reviews had issues with the phone, especially its touchscreen.

So that led me to my choice of the Samsung Epix, a Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 phone with a touchscreen and a keyboard, as well as a unique “optical mouse” that replaces the four way directional buttons or trackballs of other phones.


The 320 x 320 screen is capable of showing displaying 65,000 colors. Text, even small fonts, are sharp on the phone, looking noticeably sharper than my AT T; Tilt. Colors are vibrant, and lines are well defined. It isn’t quite up to the display on the Blackberry Bold, but the Samsung Epix has an attractive display.


The Samsung Epix has both a touchscreen and an optical mouse. An optical mouse is a bit like a laptop’s touch pad. By running your finger across it, a little cursor appears on your screen that you can use to click buttons and links on the screen by pushing in on the mouse itself. By modifying the internal settings on the phone you can change the optical sensor to a four way slider. This removes the cursor from the screen and allows you to slide one selection to another. Additionally, you can use your finger or the included telescoping stylus to click your selections on the screen itself.

On the page, all of this sounds impressive, in use, all three options combine to be less than perfect. The problem is that, unlike a laptop’s touch pad, the optical mouse doesn’t give you enough finger real estate to effectively and accurately navigate the screen on your device. Additionally, there are some applications (such as reading a lengthy document with side scroll bars) where the mouse becomes a chore and an arrow key or true four way button navigation would make the document much easier to read. Eventually, after trial and error, I figured out that if you push the optical mouse button in and move your finger, it will allow you to slide the scroll bar up and down.

The touchscreen on the Epix is also a bit problematic. In my first few days of use, I had some trouble getting touches to register without multiple presses. The problems were compounded by some issues with sensitivity around the right edge of the screen, which made scrolling up and down difficult. This could have been made a bit easier by moving the screen slightly lower than the edges of the device (to give the user a slight gutter effect on the sides). I was able to compensate for this by recalibrating the stylus just a smidge off center on the display, and the display seems to have improved with use.

Over time, I began to adjust to he unique navigation tools on the Samsung Epix and found them growing on me. But since they are so unique, I strongly suggest you try the Samsung Epix in the store or by using a friends before you buy.


The Epix keyboard is another feature you should try before you buy. The tiny keys are nicely arranged, with a well placed return and spacebar, as well as logically arranged special symbols and number keypad. The design of the keyboard is not as elegant or ergonomically attractive as the one on the Blackberry Bold or Curve, and the keys are not the easiest to use for someone with fat fingers. But I found myself quickly getting used to and enjoying the keyboard, managing to type messages rather quickly with both one and two hands.

I also liked that several functions (Calendar, Messaging, Camera, Internet, and Voice Dial) were all assigned hot keys on the keyboard of the Samsung Epix. The only real frustrations I had with the keys were that the shift/caps key was located below the FN key (which is the opposite of a normal keyboard) and that the keyboard only lights up after a key is pressed, meaning that if you’re texting in the dark, you have to guess your first letter when you press it.


The Samsung Epix uses Windows Mobile Professional 6.1, which tries to present a Windows type OS in a smartphone format. Unfortunately, this format is too complex to be satisfying. Features, settings and options are not always in their logical place, sometimes buried under poorly named menus. For instance, the calculator is not under a heading like “tools”, but “Organizer.”

The bundled software is a mixed bag. It includes MS Office with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, which is nice for reading and small tasks on the go. But the bundled Outlook and Xpress Mail e-mail programs feel very bare bones, without a lot of options for managing your e-mail. Mobile Internet Explorer is perfectly fine for reading mobile formatted websites, but any normal websites are a mess that takes forever to load. Something like Skyfire or Opera Mini is far better for visiting normal websites, but is not bundled with the phone.

Push e-mail is provided by AT T;’s Xpress Mail. E-mail sent from a Gmail account to another Gmail account assigned to my phone took several minutes to be received.

The phone has voice recognition software which is nice but temperamental. My daughter thought it was funny to listen to me screaming my wife’s name into the phone, bound and determined to make it dial her right number.

The phone also has a ton of bloatware with bundled demos of games.


The Samsung Epix’s 624 Mhz processor handles switching from task to task very quickly, with minimal appearance of the hourglass when opening the many applications, and in daily use was much faster than my AT T; Tilt. Additionally, the Samsung Epix did a much better job of pulling in a signal than the AT T; Tilt, giving me a clear crisp signal and data access in many places that I’ve had difficulty accessing a signal in the past, such as inside of large stores and the center of my office building. The GPS unit inside the Epix also performed better than the Tilt, acquiring a signal inside of my house and typically within a minute of turning the radio on. Wi-Fi wasn’t as impressive. It seemed to move more slowly than the standard 3G connection. Call quality was also good, with a clear sounding earpiece and speakerphone. Other callers said that the phone sounded fine from their end.

The included 2 megapixel camera has a self-portrait mirror but no flash. It takes clear but washed out pictures that are about on par with your average cell phone, Just don’t look for it to replace a standalone digital camera.

Battery life was stellar. Data usage that used to drain the AT T; Tilt down to under 25% didn’t even take the Samsung Epix under 70%.


The Samsung Epix is somewhat light on its included accessories. Other than the phone, software, manual, battery, stylus and charger, all that is included is a proprietary USB cable and an adapter to attach the phone to a regular 3.5 mm headphone jack. There is no screen protector, case, car charger, or any other nice to have accessory. Unfortunately, as of a week ago, AT T; didn’t have any of these available for the phone either. As the phone gains in popularity, I’m sure all will become regularly available. I was able to purchase items to fit the Samsung Epix off of eBay.


After a few weeks of using the Samsung Epix, I’ve found that I enjoy using it more than my AT T; TIlt. Despite the odd optical mouse and rather touchy touchscreen, I’ve found that the speed of the unit, the sharpness of the screen, and most importantly, the nicely arranged keyboard have made the Samsung Epix a much better fit for my smartphone needs. I highly recommend a test spin before purchasing, but overall I found the Samsung Epix to be one of the best values in an AT T; compatible smartphone.


Official Website

Samsung Epix Specifications sheet

AT T; Store

How to get more coins in Hay Day game

Hay Day is an addictive game which you can play on your mobile phone or tablet. This game looks very simple as there you will have to farm, harvest, and then sell these crops. But this game is quite time-consuming so you will need to have some patience and proper strategy as here you will have to upgrade everything and with every new upgradation, new buildings will be unleashed which will have new properties and here the buildings will have different goods so having a proper buildings is very much important. In this game, the main currencies which are used are hay day diamonds generator or coins. Diamonds or coins can help you to reach a good level in this came so here we will guide you some ways to earn more coins with simple tips.

Ways to earn more coins

If you were wondering how to earn more coins in this game, then make proper use of the newspapers by buying them in bulk. Check the newspapers thoroughly for finding any new construction equipment or any other goods like the Dynamite and you can also sell items in bulk like you can sell at least 5 items for a whopping cost of 400 coins, or you can easily sell them individually by charging a lot of number lot no coins.

When you are playing this game, you should have a motive of selling excess items so that you can earn more coins which will help you to make some more storage or clear the room for the future production. So every time you will keep your phone at least try to fill all the slots of your shop in the roadside, and you can also place the items in there by taking them from production building. Putting items from production building is a good idea because you can easily sell them instead of the wheat or egg.

Many players who will be having only one account will focus on that account while other will have many other accounts which they will be used for supporting the main account. They will support the main account for selling or buying the items at proper prices or for helping them with the bushes or trees etc. So if you can manage many accounts, then you should try this method.

If you want to avoid the complication, then you can also use the Hay Day Cheats which is quite simple but make sure not to provide any personal details.

Clash Royale – What are the features you get when playing?

When you look at games, the first thing that you see is the features that should be compulsorily in your gameplay. Then you see other things that you want compulsorily in your game. Clash Royale is one of the games which can be played with friends. You can invite 200+ friends in your gameplay and can make your game enjoyable by upgrading your troops and levels. This game basically runs on gold coins and cards so if you are having powerful card, you can win easily. Also, you need to make strategy and planning with friends to run this game to win. It is a three on three games, so to play this game it is necessary for your friend to be online.

Feature of Clash Royale

There are number of features that you get when you play this game like:

Collect new cards so that you can upgrade existing one. Also, you can unlock new rewards by earning chests. You get to draw huge crown chests by winning crowns. You can win this Crown by destroying your opponent’s towers

You get to upgrade your card collection along with Clash Royale family with a favorite group of your Clash troops, defenses, and spells. You can construct ultimate Battle deck so that you can defeat your opponent easily.

You get to play in different arenas to improve your skills in this game to get the way to the top, or you can simply hack clash royale for that. You can make your battle community through sharing a card. By forming new clans, your game can be more interesting to play

This game features you to challenge your friends and clan mates in a private duel. This feature can help you in lots of ways to improve skills of playing this game. Also, you get to make good plans and strategy so that you can win easily

You get to learn different battle tactics by playing this game. You just need to watch the duels on TV Royale so that you get to know about the tricks that you can follow in your gameplay without paying money

These are some of the features of Clash Royale. Through these features, this game has been best for gamers. Also, you get to play with your friend quickly by just making them online and add them to your server. If you don’t want to play with your friend, you can play with random people of high rank; they can help you a lot in winning your game. Further, you get an option to chat, through which you can tell your plan and add vulnerable resources for destroying your opponent troops. With great graphics and FPS, this game is considered to be best for a multiplayer game.

Also, if you want to win with the opponents, then you should be sure to get tips and tricks as they help in lots of ways during gameplay. Further, it is best if you are taking guides and tutorials at the beginning if you are a newbie to the Clash Royale to know the basics. Get this game now if you want something different in your gameplay and enjoy with your friends.

Some of the most bital details about the Snapchat Hack


Some Of The Most Vital Details Regarding Snapchat Hack

The popularity of Snapchat is widespread in all over the world. When it newly launched on the internet it made its signification place in its user’s heart. It is one of the best social networking apps which hold the top place. It is compatible with Android and iOS both devices. Well, everyone needs security on every social networking platform so if we talk about Snapchat then it is equipped with different privacy features. Its advanced feature called chat box which plays an important role. It users can keep their connections strong with the help of this exciting option. There is also an option of blocking for security concern. You can install it from the Google PlayStore and Apple app store. Many people doubt their partner and stuck in complications because of insecurity. So, how they can hack partner’s account? Well, the Snapchat hack is the best option from which users get a significant help for hack the password. Actually, it is the most advanced and effective hacking service which is beneficial for users.

Significant specification about Snapchat hack

Majority of people have tried to hack the Snapchat account but they get fail in this process. Even it is also the fact that, get the password of any social networking account without getting banned is not a cakewalk. If you already spend a lot of money on hacking tools but you still feel regret for negative consequences then choose the best options. In addition to this, the Snapchat hack is a genuine hack service which helps the users to check the personal messages. A dramatic problem regarding the use online hacking tools is banning. There is the danger of getting banned when people use hackings services. If you want to save your IP address from getting ban then choose the option of an Anti-ban security system. The process of such hacking tool is totally safe to use and it provides instant results as well. Users need to enter the username of account which they want to hack and then simply click on “Hack”. After completing the process, the tool will confirm the account and provide you the password. This password you can use in order to open the Snapchat account.


Basic concept regarding hacking tools

Basically, developers of Snapchat hack made it reliable for users. Users didn’t get any complications during the use of it. Even sometimes people worry about the hacking services, that they get arrested. If you are one of them then don’t worry because service is totally legal. Moving further, in the case of difficulty or problem users can take help from the experts and online guides. You can ask any question from the experts and get instant replies. Sometimes, experts are busy into their work, so people are able to read the online guide, by the help of it they will get a significant support. Most of the time people engage with the guide in order to grab deep information regarding online hacking tools.

Is Instagram Hacking possible in these days?


Get Best Details About Instagram Hack

Social media websites and applications are playing a significant role in the life of everyone. Now everyone spend their lot of time in accessing such application. If we talk about the most used one then the only name comes in the mind is Instagram. It is really an interesting application by which we can get entertained and also spend leisure time in a better way. It has amazing features by which share our photos. In fact, it becomes the best place for those people who want to show their hidden talent because by this they are able to show their talent around the world. Apart from this; if you want to access someone’s account in order to check his/her personal information then you can take help from the Instagram hack. In order to grab more information about this, you should read the further article because by this you are able to collect best possible details regarding this.


What is Instagram hack?

Basically, an Instagram hack is an online hacking tool by which we are able to access other Instagram accounts without having passwords. Some people think that with the help of such type of hacking tools they are able to get the password but it is just a myth. In fact, such tools only allow us to access because they crack the password. The best thing is that there is no need to go through from any type of downloading process. By this, we can get free from the fear of virus because almost downloadable applications come with a virus which can harm a lot to a device. If we talk about the security functions then it has anti-ban security by which it protects the identity and there is no one who can track your server. By this, we are able to easily access this without any tension and also get the personal information about this.



Need of Instagram Hack

An Instagram hack is very beneficial for the parents because by this they easily keep an eye on their children. In case their children are going to the wrong path then they can take them on the right one. A mother and father always want that their child never falls into bad habits and in order to get knowledge about their child they should access such type of hacking tools. Instagram hack is also helpful for those couples who are in a relationship but having a lot of trust issues. With the help of this, they can easily know that what exactly is doing in each other’s life. By this, they can solve all problems and make their relationship stronger.
Moving further; Instagram hack is the best hacking tool which is using by a lot of people in order to access another account. If you are eager to see someone’s personal information then this is the ideal option and for this, you just need to visit the official website and go through from a simple and easy process.


Battlefield: Bad Company Xbox 360 Review

Battlefield: Bad Company, at first look, may appear the same as the general shooter video game out today. It may look like an attempt to copy Call of Duty; after all, it is an FPS video game out while Call of Duty games are the most popular games ever. Instead, it is probably the second most different, interesting game that I have ever played, with Mirror’s Edge being the first. That is the thing about this game that makes it so amusing: its originality.

One thing that makes Bad Company so special is the game plot. Instead of trying to win a war or anything heroic of that nature, the idea in Battlefield is to get rich. Four soldiers find hundreds of truckloads full of gold, and in order to find and steal the gold, they are very motivated to continue in their fight. A second item that separates this game from other current, popular games is its humor. This game is named “Bad Company” because the squad, Bad Company, is filled with men that decided to serve in the military instead of going to prison. It is a company of criminals, and they are not afraid to curse every once in a while. Also, three of these four men seem to be veterans who have been fighting for quite some time and have begun to tire of war and being shot at. They want to have fun, go home, and be rich, and that is exactly what they plan to do when they find out about the gold. A third difference between this game and the common First Person Shooter is the weapons. As most players of these current games are Americans, most weapons in current games are the classic weapons Americans fought and died using in the wars the games are based upon. Instead, this game includes a variety of common and rare weapons made in Europe, America, Asia, and all over the world.

These are not enemy soldiers the Bad Company is fighting; they are mercenaries. They carry a variety of weapons that they choose, including all sorts of cool looking machine guns, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and so much more. A final difference is the online multiplayer gaming altogether. There is no straight-up team death match. Instead, the main game type is a match where two large teams start on two different bases of very large maps. One side defends gold crates that the other team tries to destroy by planting explosives. The maps have fun features including land vehicles like tanks and jeeps, air vehicles like helicopters, and fixed positions like the artillery gun. In addition, there are different awards you can earn by getting kills with different weapons, winning matches, and “taking dog tags,” which means killing an enemy with the knife that comes with each weapon class. After a fair amount of time playing the game seriously, you may begin to mess around a bit. You may begin to simply attempt to take everyone’s dog tags. Simmer down; that is normal, I did it too. After I got about 100 dog tags, I didn’t do that anymore. This is just one more item that makes this game so great. Another way to have a lot of fun is another difference about this game: environment destructibility. You can just take a tank and go away from the fighting, rolling over every tree you see on the way. Trees are not the only item that can be blown up; walls can also be destroyed. As one of the main characters states in the beginning of the game, “No need using the door; just use your own.” This is what makes the grenade launcher so much fun. A quick recap of this game might be “plain awesome.” You can even use that quote. Although this multiplayer feature may not be as popular as the Call of Duty games, it is just as fun, if not better.

Game sum up

This is one of those games you go and play when you are bored of the average game. You go back and play Battlefield: Bad Company when you have already been exhausted of halo, Call of Duty, Fallout, and all of your other more popular games. This game is so much fun because it is so different from every other game. Look up at the second paragraph. It is named differences, and it is quite a massive paragraph. That is exactly why this game is so awesome, and it will make you come back and play it over and over. I did it too. At one time, I played hundreds and hundreds of hours of Call of Duty 4: modern warfare, and every time I got bored, I would ask my friend “Hey, do you want to go play Battlefield?” He would say yes every time. You will too; it is that amazing and irresistible. On a final note, if you begin to play this game, you very possibly might become obsessed. If such a situation occurs, you may need to quit Xbox for a while. This is just a word of advice from a fellow gamer who has been obsessed at one time.

Video Games Your Boyfriend Will Love for Xmas

Shopping for your main guy is always a struggle. Anything that you think he would like he never does, and everything he likes you cannot imagine why. One thing that is true in all men: they love their video games. It is embedded in their DNA. They cannot help it. Rather than trying to train them to like other things (like the Style channel) it is best to just embrace this quality. Another bonus is if you can learn to enjoy playing along with them. Then, buying video games for them will seem like a gift to you as well.
So here is a list of games that your boyfriend will love and so will you!

Rock Band-Beatles Edition

This game has come out just in time for all the Beatles fans out there, and let’s face it, we are all Beatles fans. Firstly, guys love Rock Band. This is a fact. It can get a little annoying when they play night and day and you feel as if you will go crazy if you hear the same song being played over and over again, but admit it. When you actually step up to play, it is pretty fun. This game will be sure to win his heart and yours.

Resident Evil 5

This game has been out since March, but that does not make it any less of a great game. It is a fantastic multiplayer where your man can play the buff and hunky lead role, while you play the alluring female role. In this game there is plenty of blood and gore and a great story to keep him going. In this game it is also necessary for you to help each other out, and it will make you feel closer to each other. Even if you are not a huge violence fan, there is so much adventure that you will almost surely be captivated.

New Super Mario Bros. (Wii edition)

The Mario Bros. are a timeless classic that will never grow old. You are never too young or too old for this game as it appeals to every person of every gender and age group. This is the game that can be played over and over and never get boring. There will always be something new. And again, it is multiplayer. Your beau can be Mario and you can be Luigi (who is better anyways). It is just good clean fun that everyone can enjoy.

Brutal Legend

This has been one highly anticipated game. It stars the very talented Jack Black as the voice of the main character. It is about the main character getting caught in a world of heavy metal album covers having to fight off creatures with his guitar. You are probably thinking this sounds ridiculous, but trust me. Your guy will love it and think you are the coolest girlfriend ever if you act like you like it to. Hey, maybe after watching him play a little, you will start to like it.

Punch Out

Mentioning the game Punch Out will send fanboys into frenzy. They will reminisce about how they played it when it was originally on the Nintendo. Guys love this game. They adore it. So what better gift to give than this? Because it is so interactive with the Wii, it will be that much more fun. Trust me girls, you will also love getting in on the action in this boxing game. Plus, how good will it feel to gloat when you beat your boyfriend to a virtual pulp?

Wii Sports: Resort

Fact. Everyone loves Wii Sports. You do and your boyfriend does. When I first played, I remember it was the most fun I’d had in a very long time. So what is better than expanding the standard four games that come with the Wii into 12 fun packed games that require you to travel all over the world? Nothing is better than that. You and your boyfriend will have an almost illegal amount of fun playing this game.

Hopefully this will help you women out there figure out what to get your guys for Christmas. Not only will these games make them squeal like little girls, it will also provide you with a chance to play along and bond with your man without sacrificing your sanity.

Hack for Injustice 2?

Information About Injustice 2

Games come and go but some games are just made for stay in people for a long time. Injustice is the game of heroes and the sequel of this game “Injustice 2” is released. This game is developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. This game is released on both the platforms Smartphone and gaming consoles.  In this game you have to use a character from all the DC made characters. This game is best in all kind of it due to its 3D designed HD graphics and sound effects. You have to knock out the opponent to win. Many people have the problem regarding the collection of gems and coins. You can do one thing which will help you that is using injustice 2 cheats.

How To Use Injustice 2 Cheats

You can play this game as well as you can try lots of methods to earn gold and gems but Injustice 2 Cheats is best because you will get unlimited gold coins and gems. You can use these gems for unlocking more DC characters and you can use gold coins for upgrading them. To use this tool:-

  • First of all visit website from a web browser, suggest you for using a computer web browser.
  • Click on the button Injustice 2 hack or may be there can be an option of injustice 2 cheats.
  • Enter your username in the first column and then in next column choose your device.
  • Enter the amount of coins and gems you want. You can also enter the value of SIM you want.
  • Click on “Generate” button which will take some few seconds and then it will show you congratulations message.

Open your game and now you can see that you have unlimited gold and gems in your account.

Modern Warfare 2 – Xbox 360 Game Review

Modern Warfare 2 by Infinity Ward is a fantastic game for the Xbox 360. The graphics are the best I have ever seen, considering I just bought my Xbox 360, and this is the first game I played. If you are using your Xbox 360 on a HD TV, this game won’t dissapoint. The gameplay of Modern Warfare 2 is also incredible. The game is just a load of fun.
So let’s start with the plotline of the game. You are two different people in the game: Roach and Ramirez. Roach is a member of Taskforce 141, and his commander is Soap McTavish, the character you were in the original Modern Warfare. Ramirez is a US Army Ranger. Russian Terrorists attack a Russian Airport, lead by Makarov. The US Government sent in a spy, who helped with the assault to get closer to Makarov. Makarov found out and killed him, making people think it was the Americans who made the attack. Roach’s job is working overseas to find and kill Makarov. Ramirez’s job is to work with the rangers and the U.S. Army to defend American soil.

The graphics made my father walk in the room and ask why I was watching a television show about the war. They are the best I have ever seen! The graphics of this game are fantastic! There is not much more to say about them, other than the fact that there is a lot of blood and gore in this game. You will also have to break a dog’s neck when it jumps on you.

The Xbox Live compatability is flawless. There is never skipping or distortion if you have a fast Internet connection. If you do not have a fast network connection, the game won’t play. It knows how fast your connection is and can make decisions on whether to let the game start or not depending on your speed.

The gameplay is amazing. Although it is hard to explain, the game never skips, the game will never ever freeze, and it will always run in the highest resolution possible. The shooter is incredibly advanced.

In the end, this is my favorite game. I would definitely purchase this game, although I suggest to get it used, considering it is pretty expensive. It is Rated M for Mature, and is not OK for anyone below the age of 12. There is one level that is completely optional, where you aid a terrorist in killing thousands of people in an airport. It warns you before and tells you that it is explicit and offensive content.