Games:Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Demo

In a market that is flooded with first-person shooters, many of them carrying a World War II theme, it is hard to stand out from the crowd. Producing an inferior product in such a crowded market is the kiss of death. Fortunately, for the wallets of gamers everywhere, the demo of Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty has been released early. Let’s just consider this demo a warning shot for your pocketbook.
First the plot. Maybe the only saving grace that this game has is that it at least attempts to be original through its storyline. The concept is that the Third Reich was able to overtake many nations because Winston Churchill died in a car accident, and now Nazis are attacking America. They’ve also been able to develop a few weapons that didn’t quite reach production in reality. They’re calling it an alternate reality shooter, but it’s really a world war two shooter with a plot twist.

The Demo (and I assume the finished product) starts with an incredibly boring and unnecessarily long ‘tutorial’ section, which seems to be designed for people who have either been living in a cave for the last twenty years or have mysteriously time warped from the year 1987. Basically, the game assumes that you don’t know or can’t figure out how to walk, climb ladders or shoot guns using your controller (or keyboard and mouse as the case may be). I thought that stages like this had been done away with over a decade ago. To top it all off, the fact that you actually need to press a button to climb a ladder is archaic at best.

The first five minutes of the game are literally spent tip-toeing along narrow I-beams at the top of an under-construction skyscraper. This approach is creative, but also very boring. On my second play-through, I decided to try jumping off of the beams to get down. When done successfully, this was an effective way to shorten the painful training exercise, but because I died a few times while figuring out how to do this, this tactic ended up costing me time in the long run.

As you walk through the environment, things explode right in front of you or they fall out from under you. This is attempt at spicing up the ‘learning to crawl before you walk’ portion of the game is clearly scripted, and also very annoying. Trying to figure out exactly where you are supposed to go seems to be the biggest challenge that the Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty demo has to offer.

Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty does offer some innovation in that you can grapple your enemies and either kill them creatively or use them as human shields. When using the enemy for cover, you magically whip out a pistol that you didn’t have before. Ironically, the pistol has pinpoint accuracy- the reticule for the pistol is smaller than those used for rifles in the game. which brings me to what is possibly this games’ weakest point: the weapons.

Weapons in Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty lack punch, and looking down the iron sights doesn’t seem to be any more useful than spraying and praying. Worse yet, the game usually gives no indication whatsoever that you’ve actually hit the enemy until the enemy is dead. Unless, of course, you’re sporting a human shield, and you shoot them with a pistol. Then you’ll see them wince as you attack them, but when using machine guns and assault rifles, the enemy is either happy as a clam or dead. Apparently this game is set in an alternate reality where the German soldiers don’t feel pain when they get shot with large caliber bullets.

When aiming, the game has an oddly timed left-right acceleration boost- looking hard to the left or right results in a slow speed turn, which after one second immediately turns into a medium speed turn. Even then, it’s a bit sluggish on the default medium setting, and way too fast on the high setting. Oh yeah, and there’s no setting in-between , so you’re stuck with one or the other.

Graphics in Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty are unrealistic and sub-par for this generation of video games. The characters look cartoonish and the environmental and character animations are not very well done. Though I have to admit that some of the ‘instant kill’ animations are pretty cool. When enemy soldiers duck for cover or change tactics, it happens instantly, with no transitional animation whatsoever. Enemy AI also leaves something to be desired; they seem to have three modes- stand still and shoot, charge, or squat and shoot from cover.

While getting a feel for the game engine, I noticed that shooting things at point blank or at very close range has no effect. It’s as if the bullets aren’t coming out of the barrel of the gun, but rather from somewhere in front of your weapon. The environment is barely effected by weapons of any sort, unless, of course you see a red barrel. You can rest assured that all red barrels will explode violently when you spray a few bullets into them.

I did find one very large flaw in the game while messing around with the Turning Point game engine- I threw a grenade at a chain link fence, hoping to blast it open. All this did was turn the chain link fence from something I could see through into a black wall that I couldn’t see through. And there were enemies on the other side.

Overall, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is sub-par in pretty much every category- the graphics lack detail, AI is weak, controls don’t feel right, and the weapons lack punch. While Turning Point looks like it may potential present puzzles to be solved, this is only speculation. The game has all of the elements in place, but the demo gives no indication that this is going to be the case. With so many weaknesses in such a crowded genre, even online multi-player modes probably can’t save this title from the maw of the bargain bin.

Becoming the best at Bullet Force – 2017 Edition

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What’s new in the bullet force hack version 1.02?

Here are some new updates in the bullet force hack version of 1.02,

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Make use of the Clash Royale Hack tools to get resources

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It is time for you to grow your own Dragon

Games are really an interesting one in which all would like to play the games and you can also able to learn many things from the games. For teaching methods also you can able to use the games because in the games everything would be colorful and while you are playing you can learn something related to that game and also you can able to enjoy those games. So that many other companies had came forward with many new ideas in order to satisfy your wish and the needs. You might only know about your dragons only in your lessons or in the story which you had heard but in the dragon city game you can able to grow many dragons in your farm. You can able to feed them and you have to maintain them in all their ways while they are growing and you have to take a special care to the dragons during their breeding seasons. You even can able to train your dragon to fight with your other enemies and to win those games and you have to collect your coins in order to buy food for them.

  • You have to provide the proper food for your dragon then only it can able to grow your dragon and it would be easy for that to fight against your enemies.
  • You also have to collect the pvp and allow your dragon to breed in order to get more variety of the dragons.
  • You may also have to use the hatch hybrid and hatch tribrids and also even allow for the hatch legends.
  • The farming is also one of the best idea that is used for your dragon you can also collect different eggs and for buildings.

Hack all your dragons at once by using your dragon city hack

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The most popular and interesting game Clash of Clans

Playing games will give utmost excitement to the people and this is the main reason why they are very much interested to prefer this rather than other entertainment factors. Generally people will not choose all the games for playing. They use to be very selective in this case. Since they are playing games for their entertainment, they would like to make sure whether the game they are about to choose will give them the desired excitement. There are many such interesting games in the present days and Clash of Clans is in that list.

Actually many games have been launched for smartphone but Clash of Clans is one among the few games which have made people addicted to them. The game play of this game has inspired people and it has been designed to engage people in the exciting manner. If you are going to play that game, then you will have to form a team by collecting many characters in the game and you will have to give training to them. You will be the leader of the troop and you will have to take the team to the battle field.

It is a multiplayer game therefore number of other players will also be associated with you and you will have to fight against them. The opponents will try to attack your troop and defeat you but you will have to prevent your team members and fight the opponent and capture their tower. This is the game play of this interesting clash of clans game. In the mean time, the players will have to collect the gold, dark elixir and elixir. All these things are essential to enhance the capabilities of your team and to build defensive blocks in the battle field.

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How to Use Boom Beach Online Generator


Today most of people need relaxation that is simple to bring out by some video games and other combat games. The boom beach is such a great strategy game and it can be played on android mobiles and iphone devices. The players have to keep more gold, diamond, stones, wood and iron for betterment of game. The players should earn those resources otherwise they will be taken out from the game. The hack is a more effective option in which players can get any resources without any restrictions. The boom beach hack tool can perform effectively to bring in some features of the game. Nowadays most of players wish to use online generators to get maximum features.

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  • The players should visit official webpage of boom beach online hack tool
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The Importance of Online Boom Beach Hack Tool             

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The Impact Of Casinos on Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper

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Is this the best Hack for SimCity Buildit ?


SimCity BuildIt- Awesome hack and cheats tool

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Earning more currencies and resources are not hard in this game, because it can even suppose to bring you the rare items. Before getting the resources, you can make sure to have a little observation of great deals and get some profit in a game. In order to develop your city, you need to focus on some important things such as water, waste management, hospitals, etc. To fulfill all your needs, you need to get the resources and look to improve your performance in the game play.


Latest features of SimCity BuildIt hack tool

Recently, the SimCity BuildIt has released new updating features in the app store. To satisfy the needs of player, it also updates the simcash and simoleons for the users. Below are some of the coolest features of the SimCity BuildIt hack tool that includes:

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How to Use Pixel Gun 3D Hack?


There are so many funny games available for players and Pixel Gun 3D is one of the funny games, but it attracts more players. And, most of the players liked this game and also a very popular game all over the world than other games. In the gameplay of the Pixel Gun 3D, players need to shoot zombies and as well as all other creatures in the game using the machine guns and hands. In order to shoot creatures of Pixel Gun 3D, players need to go around the map.

At the same time, the Pixel Gun 3D is similar to some of other funny games such as Call of duty and Minecraft. Apart from that, it also has both survival and multiplayer mode. To play this game and shoot more and more zombies, players need resources. This is because if players have enough resources such as money and gold, then they can able to won the game.

But, this is not easy to collect more resource by traveling the map and also takes more days. This is the reason why the Pixel Gun 3D hack is introduced by developers to ease the gameplay of Pixel Gun 3D. If you’re one of them want to use Pixel Gun 3D hack, but don’t know how to use Pixel Gun 3D hack, then this section is really for you.

In this section, we’re going to know about the procedure to get Pixel Gun 3D hack and steps to use.

Pixel Gun 3D hack with or without downloading:

When it comes to Pixel Gun 3D hack, you will get 2 options such as,

  • Pixel Gun 3D hack without downloading
  • Pixel Gun 3D with downloading


Pixel Gun 3D with downloading:

If you want to use Pixel Gun 3D hack on your device, then you need to download the apk file of Pixel Gun 3D hack tool and install on your device. In this case, you no need to worry about which platform of device you have, because the apk file for Pixel Gun 3D hacks available for a device with all platforms.

Many websites allow free downloading of Pixel Gun 3D hack file, so download it and simply install on your device to use whenever you need to hack the resources of Pixel Gun 3D.

Pixel Gun 3D hack without downloading:

If you don’t like to download any extra files and allocating some space on the device, then the Pixel Gun 3D hack without downloading is the right choice for you. Yes, there is a Pixel Gun 3D hack tool available on the online to use without downloading it.

There are so many websites ready to offer Pixel Gun 3D hack tool to use through online. So, choose the right website and start generating of resources required to play Pixel Gun 3D game. Therefore, simply open the website and click Pixel Gun 3D hack tool button. After that, follow the steps given on the website and then just click the generate button to get more resource.

Prior to click generate button, you need to insert amount of resources you need to add in your account. That’s all!! You can play the game with those generated resources and you can use this online generator hacking tool at any time you need gems or gold.

Thus, hereafter, you no need to play the game to generate more resources and don’t want to wait for more days for resources. Instead of that, simply choose any one option and enjoy the Pixel Gun 3D game and shoot more and more zombies.

Key Clash Royale Hack Features

The Key Features of Clash Royale Hack

Normally most of people are now using android and iphone devices because those are pretty effective to play many exciting games. The clash royale is a latest game which comes under the category of strategy games. This game is simple to play but player should provide more efforts to win the game with more gold and gems. The hack is not a legal way but people can use it for more points like unlimited gold and gems. The players no need to pay money for hack tools so they don’t need to panic about losing. Today most number of players wishes to use reputed hack tools to enjoy the full benefits of clash royale game. The clash royale hack produces many advantages that are very helpful to get progress in the game of clash royale.


The Effective Features of Clash Royale Hack       

In these modern days players can get hack tools for each and every game so they can avoid panic about results of game. The clash royale game can be hacked easily through many advanced hack tools. They can earn a lot of features by using reliable online and downloaded hack tools.

  • Unlimited amount of gems
  • Unlimited amount of gold
  • Daily Updates
  • It works on ios and other android devices
  • No ban risks

These advantages or features are very useful for players to make favour changes in the game of clash royale. The unlimited gems and gold can help players to avoid most of issues in the game. The players can receive the regular updates from hack tool so users no need any worry about future risks. Actually this game is only accessing via iphone and android mobile phones so players can hack tools on those devices very simply. Actually most of clash royale hack tools are pretty safe and secured so players can feel safe from unwanted risk factors like virus, warms and others. The players should give special importance for selection of hack tool otherwise they have to face unwanted issues while hacking this game. The users can avoid unwanted issues of downloading and installation if they go with online hack tool. The players need to verify the reliability of hack tool and it is pretty important to avoid unwanted risks.

Where to Find a Hack Tool for Clash Royale                   

The clash royale is one of the popular mobile games and it cannot be easy to get control over the game. The hack tool helps them to control the clash royale game so they would like use modern hack tool. The players have to get the clash gems and gold generators and other hack tools from more reputed and reliable site. The players should not use worst tools that might cause unwanted troubles like virus attacks. The players have to read some online reviews to easily find the best hack tool for clash royale game. The players can easily enjoy the advantages of clash royale game with help of highly reputed hack tools.